Member Events

Each year, Whitevale hosts a number of golf and social events for its members and their guests. These events are designed to satisfy the competitive spirit, increase camaraderie and everyone’s enjoyment of the Club. For golf events, members are able to choose the level of competition they wish to participate in. Whitevale also has a number of social events throughout the year which prove to be very popular with the membership. Here is a partial list of member events:

Men’s and Ladies Opening                                                 Mother’s Day Brunch

9 and Dine                                                                             Men’s Night

Ladies Day                                                                             Spring Derby

Interclub                                                                                Father’s Day BBQ

Mixed Haig                                                                            Canada Day Celebration

Men’s and Ladies Member Guest                                     Living the Life Patio Party

Senior Club Championship                                                Club Championship

Men’s and Ladies Haig                                                        Husband and Wife Tournament

The Whitevale Classic                                                          Men’s and Ladies Money Ball

Fall Derby                                                                              Men’s and Ladies Closing

Artisan Show                                                                         Longest Day of Golf – Fundraiser

Closing Dinner and Dance                                                  Kids Christmas Party