Why Whitevale?
How to Join
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How to Join

Whitevale is an "equity membership" golf club. As an equity member, you are also an owner with an equal opportunity to participate in decision making and strategic direction through voting, joining committees or being elected to the Board of Directors.

To become an equity member of Whitevale Golf Club, you are required to purchase an equity membership, the price of which is set by the outgoing member using his or her knowledge of the sale of the most recently traded equity memberships. In addition, you are also required to pay a one time initiation fee. Our most recent sales, which include both the equity share and initiation fee, have been in the $2,500 to $5,000 range. Equity members also pay annual fees, and are subject to a minimum monthly dining and bar bill.

For more information, please contact our General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Sean DeSilva at 905-294-9600 ext. 103, who will be happy to guide you through each step of the process and provide up-to-date information on recent sale prices. Click here to download our Membership Package.